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Employment Application

Job Description

An electronics assembler works within a production team to assemble, test and service electronic equipment. Primary duties include:

  • Assembling electronic components, subassemblies, and products,
  • Using assembly tools such as crimps, stakes, screw, bolts, rivets, solder irons, adhesives, press fits, or similar tools,
  • Mounting and soldering components such as transformers, resistors, transistors, capacitors and integrated circuits onto PCBs,
  • Installing wires and cables between subassemblies,
  • Installing subassemblies and assemblies into cabinets or enclosures.

Other duties of an electronic assembler may include:

  • Reading and interpreting drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, work orders, or reports,
  • Cleaning parts thoroughly,
  • Verifying dimensions and clearance of parts using instruments such as micrometers, calipers and height gauges.
  • Testing product to ensure conformance to specifications,
  • Correcting defects,
  • Packing finished products for shipment.
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仅限 1 个文件。
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允许的类型:pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx。
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